Types Of Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin is a digital currency which is also known as a crypto-currency that is generated and distributed by encryption techniques. Bitcoin is a compound name for bit and coin. It was established in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is purely a decentralized digital currency and instead of printing physical bank
notes or minting coins, a list of registration of numbers in which each “coin” is recorded and an entry of ownership is made in a digital ledger.

The users of Bitcoin can make money from the bitcoin system by joining bitcoin faucets and completing designated activities to earn bitcoin rewards, which they can sell at bitcoin exchange websites for a paper currency. A bitcoin faucet is simply a reward system that takes the interface of a mobile application
or a website through which the bitcoins system distributes rewards in Satoshi units which visitors can earn in return after completing a computer-generated task.

The following are simple examples of Bitcoin faucets.

1. Paid Books

Paid books which is available at www.paidbooks.com allows users to read free full-length books online for free in exchange for bitcoins depending on the
number of books a user has read.

2. Bitcoin popper

This faucet is an android mobile application. In fact, it is a game which takes the approach of a machine approach. It allows the user to play the game in different levels of difficulty in both the free and the paid version of the application. The game also has a provision for upgrades that involves extending the duration of time one can play in each distinct session. A win for the user entails obtaining matching stars. Once you have three matching stars you are rewarded for them in bitcoins and the consequent ones in the consequent sessions of the game. However, the game gets more challenging as
the levels advance. In additional, the game makes you wait several minutes after each session before you can play again.

3. Crypto-Games

Dice games such as Crypto-Games are bitcoin faucets too. Dice players simply access the dice game online in which they are allowed a highly limited free balance to play with. However, a user can also play an actual dice game on top of the free balance threshold and garner bitcoin rewards with each win and withdraw them for currency exchange. If a user is savvy in dice gaming, one can win considerable amounts which would be the equivalents of
$10-$30. Lots of other bitcoin casinos offer free spins and bitcoins to play with!

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