Top 3 Proven Ways To Earn Bitcoins FAST!

Earning Bitcoins is easier than you think. But if you expect me to tell you how to turn $1 into 1 Bitcoin within 2 hours, then you are in a wrong place. I am not going to share with you ponzi schemes and scams that you see every day on Facebook.

Let’s make it straight, there is no such Bitcoin investment that will make you rich within 2 hours. So if you smart enough, leave these illusions and keep reading, I have proven strategies for you to share:

1. Bitcoin casino

Casino is no just about luck. If you have limited amount of money, Bitcoin casino is probably NOT the best way, but the quickest one for sure. You can really earn a lot of you do it in a right way. So how to earn with Bitcoin casino:

  1. Don’t play games that are purely based on luck, but go for poker or blackjack. Blackjack is super easy to learn and even with average skills you have great chances to win.
  2. Go to and practice your skills. This is the best online casino to learn blackjack! You can play for free as much as you want. This casino is very new, so you will want to go to more established casinos with a good reputation.
  3. When you feel confident with your skills, head to one of those casinos that have proven reputation. My favorite is BitCasino as I made more money with them than with any other casino.
  4. Gamble carefully. When you double your investment, you are good to go. Don’t gamble everything you have.

Gambling is not the best way to earn Bitcoins, but certainly the most fun and quickest one. There are many famous Bitcoin casinos, so you can be sure it’s not a scam. If you don’t know how to play and don’t want to invest anything, keep reading!

2. Bitcoin affiliate

This is one of the easiest ways to earn Bitcoin! Promote Bitcoin businesses in your social media, on tumblr or via other means, and earn a commission. I am affiliated with a few casinos and cloud mining companies. Always try offers before promoting them. Be genuine in your reviews, and you will soon earn your first Bitcoins. Here are my top Bitcoin affiliate programs that pay well:

  1. Minergate
  2. Fortunejack
  3. BetChain

You normally need a couple of days and big followers base to start seeing earnings.

3. Sell your junk for Bitcoin

You can sell literally anything for Bitcoins. Some people sell pictures, other sell islands for Bitcoin! You can post your ad on this forum for free. It’s the biggest and most famous Bitcoin forum on the Internet.

How do you earn Bitcoins? Share your experience in the comment section below!

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