Temporary email addresses and anonymity

Cryptocurrency is a modern form of exchange, which uses integrity to safeguard its transactions. This means that it is a form of currency on its own. These currencies use distributed ledgers for managing transactions. This is very different from normal money systems—which are more centralized.

Temporary email addresses are designed to relieve you of emails which may irritate you— call them spam.

The emails are deleted several hours after they arrive, regardless of whether they have been viewed. They also provide services for filtering spam and inbox encryption. EmailOnDeck.com is a major player in the temporary email field. It allows for the creation of disposable mail addresses.

How does cryptocurrency and these email addresses go together? We will be using bitcoin, for the study. It is a recent digital currency, which seeks to be secure and less costly. The reason why people use disposable email addresses when trading in cryptocurrency is to help improve their anonymity and online safety, which is a major concern. The reason that is so, is because your email ID could be linked to an IP address or a social media profile. This happens despite thinking digital currencies promising anonymity no matter what.

With the benefits of bitcoin not being a flat currency, and not bowing to any market forces, there seems to be value in it. Due to the fact also, that the processing of block-chains cannot be reversed, it becomes easy to
maintain security. Even bitcoin’s process of mining may have a pitfall—since mining generates blocks, and block creation and acceptance create coins. Thus trading these coins with a well-known email address makes it easy for an attacker to use this against you.

According to the cryptocurrency rule, there is anonymity. That means that personal information cannot be shared—this happens during bitcoin exchange. In spite of all that, there are those malicious users who may want to track you. That is done through IP addresses and any personal information you associate with your transactions.

It is good to note that there is no perfect system. There is always bound to be a mistake within the system. That is what the attackers exploit. They simply match the credentials in your email address, and the internet protocol address. In the end, your identity could be compromised.

There are several schemes used by cryptocurrencies to safeguard anonymity. These are: using multiple bitcoin addresses or wallets, using virtual networks, and the dark web. Last, but not least, the use of a temporary email address.

A temporary email address is useful for cryptocurrency trade. The nature of those digital wallets allows them to bypass your true identity. Thus, you are free to use any email address. A disposable email address helps in masking your identity. They are a safeguard for your anonymity—also applied to all the bitcoin transactions. The secret behind them is that they have no link to your personal information. Whatever info an attacker might get will benefit them nothing.

Currently, the price exchange for a single bitcoin is very valuable. It is thus necessary to find a safe way where you can trade bitcoins online. According to current trends, virtual currencies are fastly gaining momentum, they are almost reaching the same status as precious metals. Good luck out there and stay safe!

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