SantaCoin – The new train on crypto-currency

The cryptocurrency industry is an eye bugling 1000 plus strong. From the big one Bitcoin, to Etheruem which seeks to supplant it, to the countless newer ones trying to gain acceptance and following, it is really a daunting task keeping track of this $200 billion worth industry.

Often through the clutter we ignore gems that we ought to take notice of. The cryptocurrency world is full of surprises and this means if you are truly interested in grabbing the next big thing, you probably need to stay in touch with those new coin offerings that have a sound idea behind them.

SantaCoin is one of such new arrivals that truly aim to solve a problem that is pervading the industry. Bitcoin though wildly popular has lost touch with its roots. It has become a hoarded commodity rather than a traded one. With every passing moment it is losing its main purpose as being a peer-to-peer  means of transaction as it has become too expensive to mine and even more expensive to buy, keeping millions of potential cryptocurrency users out in the cold.

This is the problem SantaCoin aims to solve, while it has very similar build to Bitcoin so it shares some of its amazing potential. Its main goal however remains to make and keep cryptocurrencies as affordable to all as possible. If you have missed the chance to hop on the Bitcoin train then perhaps it is not too late as SantaCoin offers a fresh chance to really make it big in this amazing industry.

 Some of the key features that will surely make SantaCoin a sweet proposition is that its mining is certainly going to be generously rewarding, as every miner stands to gain 1 SantaCoin per block, a very fair return. This is surely going to attract throngs to start staking their claims.

The new and exciting cryptocurrency will also come with an amazing lending program in which users stand to earn. Its lending program is very similar to that of Bitconnect, with the lender getting their full money back after the lending period which ranges from 120 to 289 days.

And keeping the treasured tradition of the industry, SantaCoin also harps on its extreme respect of customer’s privacy, as they don’t ask for their subscriber’s personal information on any account. Only those who want to enroll in their highly lucrative referral programs need to provide any sort of personal data, and even then SantaCoin advices the to be safe and use non-dedicated emails for the purpose to stay on the safe side.

Some would argue that this is just another altcoin trying to make quick cash; a reasonable pessimism is always healthy with many ICOs going south. But for SantaCoin the fact that with days away from its official launch, majority of its pre-sale tokens have already been snapped up by customers, some industry analysts say this is a sign of confidence in the company’s ideas and the trust that it is like to take the industry by storm.

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