Bitcoin Business Boost: How Small Business Owners Can Increase Customers And Sales With The World’s #1 Digital Currency

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The Bitcoin And Crypto-Currency Opportunity You HAVEN’T Taken Advantage Of Yet…

For the past nine months, I have been literally travelling the world – all thanks to Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. Here’s how…

You see, I took advantage of a massive but time-sensitive opportunity with these emerging digital currency technologies to launch and grow a profitable side business – with customers around the world.

To top it off, this business has provided me with enough additional income to live in and visit multiple countries this past year including; Bali, Taiwan, Singapore and Costa Rica.

Each trip I took and country I visited was part of my “Bitcoin-Boosted Business!”

Now that I’ve done this, I want to show you how to do the same – how to use a very specific opportunity in the crypto-currency “fad” to launch and/or grow any of your own online or offline businesses (or even your clients’).

A Narrow Window Of Opportunity

As you read though – keep in mind I believe there is probably between 3-6 months left to take advantage of this opportunity yourself – the last chance to ride this particular wave before the window to this opportunity closes…

Publicity That Will Boost Your Business

I want you to know, even though this is a unique chance to take advantage of this trend, my strategy does NOT INVOLVE any of the following:

NO: Mining Crypto-Currencies

NO: Buying And “HOLDING” Bitcoin

NO: Risking Your Money On So-Called “Alt Coins”

NO: Day-Trading Crypto-Currencies

In fact, in your 23 page report “Bitcoin Business Boost”, you will learn how to EXPLOIT the current crypto-currency frenzy to generate customer-generating publicity for any new or established business – offline or online – anywhere in the world – for FREE.

Massive FREE Publicity

In Bitcoin Business Boost you’ll learn…

How I used Bitcoin to turn my hobby into a global income-producing project in less than two weeks.

How Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies helped me drive new customers to my business – and how you can do the same.

The 3 “magic words” in the crypto-currency world that can bring a near instant increase in traffic and visitors to any business.

The four websites you MUST have accounts on before you even consider doing this. (Don’t worry – all these sites are FREE.)

How ANY business can start accepting payment in Bitcoin easily – before the day is out. (Without the risk of losing any profits in your home currency.)

The ONE method of accepting Bitcoin you NEVER want to use if you run a business in the USA. (Works great in almost every other country though.)

Step-by-step instructions for generating massive buzz and exposure for any online or offline business – all thanks to crypto-currency.

My private “insider” list of contacts and resources that will help you do this for free.

How Online Entrepreneurs can use this information to generate more sales.

How Local Marketing Consultants can use this information to generate more business and help their current offline “brick-and-mortar” clients get more customers.

All of this information – and more – is provided in your copy of “Bitcoin Business Boost”.

You can access and read it now and start putting the information into action today.















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