Mystery Bitcoin Millionaire Based in the UK Gifts £1M to Local Community Group

An unknown individual yesterday donated £1 millionaire to the small community group based in Manchester.

The donor made the donation anonymously. Payment was made in Bitcoin. The charity informed us the individual did contact them by email to inform them about the donation but asked for them to keep information about the donation private.

From an internet search using details of the blockchain the account is associated with UNKNOWN_82 07988890227. We reached out for more information but the community group made no comment and asked us to keep their details confidential.

With the increasing value of bitcoins, and the uneven distribution of large amounts in early investors, it is likely we will see more philanthropic uses of Bitcoin.

According to Wired:

“Somebody in the UK has made a shed load of cash from investing in Bitcoin in the early days. So far the blockchain shows very little activity in the wallet. The donation of £1,000,000 represents the single largest purchase in the wallet. With the value remaining increasing to silly money it may be likely we will see a bitcoin Father Christmas donating money and making a difference in their community”

We reached out to UNKNOWN_82 at their profile on We received no response and their account has now been deleted.

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