Why Invest in Goal Bonanza?

Why Invest in Goal Bonanza?

The big race of 2017 is launched and it on with an excellent start to the campaign and $ 1.5 million in pre-sales. Even the biggest optimists did not expect the GOAL tokens to be nearly exhausted within 48 minutes from the commencement of the ICO that was created on November 16, 2017, 00: 00h UTC +8.

Goal Bonanza token will be sold for 30 days and will end on December 15, 2017, but with a high interest in GOAL tokens after an explosive start and bonuses still very much available, Goal Bonanza ICO will be phased out by the end of November 2017. More details about the rewards are available in the Goal Bonanza ICO schedules.

Investors can also earn extra token through the Goal Bonanza Referral Program that is available. Registered users can also find their referral link on their page dashboard on goalbonanza.com and earn 10% commission on each token purchase that is made through their referral link. Investors who use a referral link to Goal Bonanza will receive additional 5% bonus chips in addition to their investment.

Why signing up for Goal Bonanza?

Goal Bonanza is expected to produce profits of up to $ 74.9 million in tokens over the 2017-2020 period.

The token value is expected to reach 3,000% mid-way through.

As an investor, you will share 60% of the annual Goal Bonanza earnings for life.

Goal Bonanza is not just a theoretical believe on paper; the Alpha product code is already complete and available on the Github page. The Alpha app is available on Android and iOS on November 15th, for public testing.

What makes GoalBonanza stand out from the competition?

License and Agreement: Many betting sites are continually struggling to stay compliant and regulated. Goal Bonanza is an unconstitutional cryptocurrency platform that is not subject to any regulatory or licensing requirements, as it uses a digital token as a currency of use.

Easy Account Creation: Simple 1-step registration that does not need any personal details such as government issued id card, apartment address, or your credit card details. One clicks and you are ready to start playing and making some money. No identity verification, credit card and bank details required.

Confidentiality of Personal Data: Playing GoalBonanza is guaranteed 100% anonymous none of your details will be leaked out.

Non-Stop 24hrs Sure Matches: Goal Bonanza will offer 150-200 of the most popular football games to play on a weekly basis.

Unlimited Winning: Possibility of earning millions of winnings with a single dollar bet, unlike traditional bookmakers and stock exchanges that offer unattractive odds and low yields.

Instantaneous Withdrawals: Purpose Bonanza is a decentralized platform, 100% fair and transparent. The smart contract pays instant winnings.

Bonanza Goal is Fun: Competing, achievements, status, recognition, and collaboration will be rewarded with badges and tokens.

How to invest and start making money with Goal Bonanza?

Login to www.goalbonanza.com

Create an account.

Choose from the available payment options like (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin or Bank wire) and purchase your GOAL Tokens. Take advantage of this newly created method of betting and earn yourself some good cash.

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