The football betting industry is about to have a new phase

GoalBonanza is a dynamic, Ethereum-based platform that uses blockchain technology to ensure that the processes run smoothly. In a sense, it is an all-in-one solution for the gambling industry, because it is a stateless organization that uses cryptocurrencies and as such is not subject to legal requirements. This gives players the opportunity to participate without any form of identification, or any deposit / withdrawal recording on a monthly statement.

In addition, it offers customers a brand-new game concept and a unique platform that keeps them involved. Aim Bonanza was born with the aim to connect the love of people with gambling, and for football, in a platform that enables them to achieve a lot of return and at the same time offers an innovative experience.

This allows players to earn more and garment the experience with rewards, badges and achievements, and motivate players to keep on logging in. There are 5 different levels in the platform’s gamification system. These range from Newbie 1 to Veteran 5 and as players continue to climb the ladder, they receive ever-higher rewards for their achievements and gain access to new features, including VIP events.

At Goal Bonanza, players bet at least 1 out of 10 possible outcomes for a given football match, and a $ 1 bet can give players up to $ 100,000 due to a created lottery effect after a lot of bets have been placed on a particular game. As the number of players who gamble on a game increases, the number of winners can also be received.

Bonanza aims to give players 1 of the 10 possible outcomes, in simple terms this makes it easier for players to win. In the top 4 English divisions, in the past 126 years, 66.1% of the football matches had a total of 9 results, while the other 33.9% consisted of dozens of different outcomes. To help players, Bonanza bundled this 33.9% in a 10th result, which simplified the user experience.

Football betting continues to grow and thanks to the gamified experience and potentially high returns, most players are assured of a pleasant experience at Goal Bonanza, in which they feel they have control. Because the platform is dynamic, players can even manage their bets on the go via their smartphones.  As one of the crowd investors, in addition to the constant increase of GOAL tokens on the stock exchanges driven by the demand of a growing Goal Bonanza player base, you have the right to share the profits of Goal Bonanza for life, even if your tokens sell or used to bet. Your share of the profits is guaranteed by the ethereal smart contract that will regulate the crowd sale.

In addition to the unique game mechanics, Goal Bonanza revolutionary concept taps into basic desires and needs of users’ impulses which revolve around the idea of profits, status, achievement, competition and community collaboration. Players predict the final score of a single football game by backing at least 1 out of 10 available options unlike the regular football betting platforms. Winning is more guaranteed in this scenario. Multi-million returns from a single $1 dollar bet can be won with additional rewards in form of badges and tokens.

Like it couldn’t get any better, Goal Bonanza adopts ethereum as the underlying game currency.

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