How To Buy Bitcoins Cheap

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The popularity of bitcoins has been slowly, but steadily, increasing. There might be a lot of arguments against purchasing bitcoins. But there is a fair share of advantages linked to investing in bitcoins. It undoubtedly has a steady place among other digital currencies. In the recent past, the value of bitcoins has been following an almost persistent ascent. So, here are a few popular and reliable sources to buy bitcoins from.

Coinbase has been the leader in the bitcoin exchange sector for quite a while. Purchases made here with debit or credit cards are super-fast and convenient. If you are a first time user, this exchange is one of the easiest to work with. The only downside you could possibly state, is the relatively long duration for purchases done with a bank transfer. The advanced security feature of this digital wallet is an added advantage.The fee collected on the purchases is less in comparison to the several other players.

Another bitcoin purchase worth mentioning here is LocalBitcoins. The purchases made are highly secure. Buyers and sellers can both advertise on the site. This is an ideal place to transact peer-to-peer.But be cautious about scams. Your bitcoins are secured by the escrow process in LocalBitcoins. This exchange does not require your personal information for the purchases, thus maintaining your privacy. Buying a huge amount of bitcoin might be a bit tough with this exchange, though.

BitPay is another popular bitcoin exchange knows for its fast and secure transactions. This is a great exchange to buybitcoins
through cash deposit. The purchase of bitcoins happens in 3 simple steps. Once the buyer narrows on the best offer, he deposits the cash in the seller’s account. When the seller receives the money, the buyer gets his bitcoins almost instantly. The highly responsive team at Bitpay also sweeps clear the scams.Thus, it is a safe place to buy as well as sell bitcoins. Bitpay takes the security of the customer funds seriously. The only downside though, is the transaction fee which is higher than the above-discussed bitcoin purchase companies.

Like every other digital currency, bitcoin too has been at the center of several debates about the degree of safety. But there have been more people as well as businesses investing on bitcoins these days. So looking at the current trend and feasible projections, bitcoins appear to be great value investments. Though it is commonly though as a difficult process, buying of bitcoins is actually easier and the benefits reaped are immense if the platform used is a competent one.

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