Why Bitcoin Is The Greatest Investment Of The Century

Bitcoin investment

If you bought $100 worth of bitcoins in 2010, you would be a millionaire today. Bitcoin is an innovative digital currency which was introduced back in 2009 by a man/woman/group named Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin is innovative in the sense that it is truly decentralized (no middle or governing authority) and supports purely peer-to-peer transactions. As opposed to traditional currencies, Bitcoin provides instant global transactions using cryptographic technology at little to no costs. Additionally, transactions are handled anonymously, providing its users with utmost privacy and freedom to have total control over their money – supporting the foundations of a true democracy.

Besides these innovative and potentially revolutionary features, investing is another great option that should not be ignored. Bitcoin is traded actively on exchange platforms on a day to day basis, working much like the stock market. Its value changes daily depending on the volume of its supply and demand – if you understand basic economics, you would understand how this works.

As demand for Bitcoin increases over the coming decades, it would be wise for a smart investor to consider investing into Bitcoin for their retirement or Roth portfolios. Bitcoin is inflation proof and has the potential to increase in multiples of value over your seed investment. As a first mover technology with numerous benefits and the possibility of economic disruption, Bitcoin makes for a wise investment for any serious investor: https://www.smartbitcoininvestments.com

There are plenty of reasons to start investing in Bitcoin.

  • ROI (Return-of-investment) is Great – Bitcoin has continuously increased in its value ever since it has been introduced. Although, it is true that it has a high volatility, it nevertheless has increased a lot in value.
  • ROI period is relatively short – as opposed to traditional stock markets where one waits for years to recover loss or turn their investments into profit, cryptocurrencies offer ultimately short ROI periods (on average it takes 2-3 months for one to recover loss, turn investments into profits etc)
  • Investments are anonymously handled – avoid unnecessary transaction fees and taxes for your investments or profits

Remember that these are just some of the basic reasons as to why Bitcoin is an attractive investment option. There are so much more to list but this article will not cover all the points – you get the point. The later you invest, the more you are missing out!

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